Destiny 2 - Everything We Know

All of the details we currently have about Bungie’s upcoming sequel to their hit 2014 Sci-fi RPG.


Although the first Destiny faired well with critics and developed a committed fanbase over time, a large portion of gamers lost interest in the game and felt as though it didn’t completely deliver on all of its promises. Bungie seems to have payed close attention to these criticisms and looks to make up for them with Destiny 2.

Following some leaks, Destiny 2 was officially confirmed on May 17, with a full reveal stream coming the next day, in which we got some concrete details.

Release Date and Story Info

Destiny 2 has already been confirmed for a September 8 release date, almost exactly three years after the release of the first game back in 2015. One of the biggest gripes about the release of Destiny a few years back was that it wasn’t made available for PC gamers. Bungie has already confirmed that along with PS4 and XB1 consoles, Destiny 2 will be available for PC on launch day and will function through Blizzard’s Battlenet server.

The campiagn picks up after a major defeat and the fall of the once sacred Tower, along with the Earth city below it. Times are harder than they’ve ever been and it’s the Guardians time to step up and defend all that is good in the galaxy.

The story will also see the player travel to new planets such as Earth, Tita, Io, and Nessus. Bungie has spoken about how they want these new locations to feel like fully fleshed out worlds rather than vague lands you stop by for a mission or Crucible match. Another nugget of information that’s sure to convenience the players is that a player won’t have to go into orbit just to travel to another planet. They can directly travel from planet to planet.

There hasn’t yet been any information released about concrete plans for future DLC, but Bungie is still partnered with Sony, so you can expect any new content to hit PS4 consoles first.

Beta Details and Player Classes

Following the act of the first game, Destiny 2 will provide a closed beta to those who preorder the game. With us already in June, and no confirmed dates for the beta or details on what it will contain, we can probably expect to learn this info next week during E3.

If your Guardian has reached level 20 and has finished the Black Garden story mission, you’ll be able to retain their vitals (class, gender, face, race, etc). However, your abilities, items, and weapons are bound to Destiny 1 forever. Though this is a bummer for players who spent late nights grinding for that precious loot, it’s for the better. This gives Bungie freedom from the restraints of the first game, and the opportunity to expand upon and improve on what they tried to accomplish in Destiny 1.

Weapons and Multiplayer

Rather than classifying weapons as Primary, Special, and Heavy, the weapons in Destiny 2 will be classified as Kinetic,Power, and Energy. We got a small taste of how these different weapon classes will work during the reveal live stream. This change seems like a fresh way to diversify combat in Destiny 2.

Instead of 6vs6, online Crucible matches will be 4vs4. There will also be more interactive interface, providing gamers an in-depth way to track player statistics.

Another major gripe that players had with the first Destiny is the lack of a matchmaking component when playing raids. Bungie made it clear that you’ll be able to use a matchmaking system when you go take a shot at the new Raids, Strikes, and Nightfall Challenges.

Destiny 2 will also include a “clan” component in which players can customize their own unique banner and message. Members in a clan will be able to earn special rewards as well.

So that’s everything we know about Destiny 2 as of now, but we’re sure to get a heap of new information next week during E3. So be sure to keep your eyes on for any new details as they emerge!

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