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Nintendo Switch Dropped From 1,000 Feet ... And Lives!

The console abuse must stop, people. They are poor, defenseless pieces of hardware!


It's abuse, pure and simple. It's picking on the little guy, the underdog. And it's despicable. Who in their right mind would drop a Nintendo Switch from 1,000 feet to see if it survives? UnlockRiver did this heinous crime, but the good news is that the Switch lived.

Khristian Flohr of UnlockRiver used a drone to drag the helpless Switch airborne, capturing video from the ground and from the drone. He laughed in anticipation as the console twisted in its noose high above the ground. And then after appropriate buildup, he flipped the switch to get the drone to drop the Switch to its supposed demise.

But for all you folks who cheer for the underdog, you will be happy to know that the little guy still powered up after the shocking experiment, only showing a broken left JoyCon. Even the case stayed intact.

Unfortunately, these crimes against the Nintendo unit are not new. Another Switch was slammed repeated on the ground from five feet only a few days after it was born. The unit finally died after being dropped 11 times.

The poor little handheld continues to be abused and we here a Shacknews are taking a stand and asking it to stop. In the name of all things humane, the console abuse needs to end. If you really want to waste $300, donate it to your local electronics store dedicated to taking care of these neglected and abused units. Even the larger PS4 or Xbox One take some abuse, unfortunately usually adopted models, and occasionally only accidentally from a much smaller distance. Either way, don't pander to the abusers. Take a stand and protect our consoles, even if they can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Oh, here's the video of the drop: 

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