Natsume Announces Two New River City Games for 3DS

River City: Knights of Justice and River City: Rival Showdown are their names, bolstering your library of 3DS titles is their game.


Natsume announced that it will publish two new River City games for 3DS this summer and winter, respectively. River City: Knights of Justice and River City: Rival Showdown will be unveiled at E3 in South Hall at Booth #2047.

As you might discern from their titles, Knights of Justice and Rival Showdown follow different characters and themes. River City: Knights of Justice, set for a summer launch on the 3DS eShop, combines River City's trademark look aesthetics and combat with medieval weapons and magic. Rival Showdown is a more traditional River City tale: someone's girlfriend gets kidnapped, and you'll have to punch a lot of faces to rescue her.

"River City: Tokyo Rumble was a huge success, and these two follow-ups in the popular River City/Kunio-Kun franchise are the perfect continuation of the series," said Natsume President and CEO Hiro Maekawa in a press release. "We are looking forward to showing the games for the first time at E3 and garnering feedback from gamers and the media."

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