Tour a VR Art Gallery at Sotheby's New York This June

The two-day event is designed to raise awareness about the potential of virtual reality.


Sotheby's New York and The Advanced Imaging Society's Virtual Reality Society are partnering to host a two-day festival called "Art of Virtual Reality" to raise public awareness about VR (via VR And Fun). The exhibit, scheduled to take place over June 22-23, will cover three floors within Sotheby's and feature content made by directors, artists, and producers.

According to Hollywood Reporter, "Featured VR projects will include Sun Ladies, the story of the all-female militia fighting ISIS produced by Maria Bello and Kate Brooks; Liman-directed episodic series Invisible; the pilot episode of animated Raising a Rukus, produced by VRC and Oscar winner Robert Stromberg; and VR film Le Musk by two-time Oscar- and Grammy-winning musical artist A.R. Rahman. The latter, co-produced by Intel in conjunction with motion seat-maker Positron, combines sound, haptics, motion and smell."

Sotheby's New York has other VR events planned. The gallery has formed a partnership with Loot Interactive to curate a Space VR Gallery, which will host films and interactive exhibits such as the Apollo 11 VR Museum and Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways, a short film.

More and more filmmakers are looking to VR as the next great frontier of cinematic storytelling. "You’re never going to tell a story with a three-act structure better than a movie or a book. But what the VR stuff gives you is like a 360 degree dance field surrounding you," said American filmmaker and Emmy Award-winning visual effects specialist Phil Tippett. "And all the stuff you can do in a world as opposed to a two dimensional thing is hugely exciting."

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