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Scramble With Friends launches on App Store

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Scramble With Friends launches on App Store

Here's a new way to ruin your relationships with friends. Zynga has just launched Scramble With Friends, a free app for Apple devices that combines Scramble--one of Zynga's earliest games--and the social functionality of its other "With Friends" games.

Like Words With Friends, Scramble has you playing with letters. You'll have to outscore your opponent by rearranging letters to form as many words as possible. And like Words With Friends, some of your friends are going to be jerks and just cheat their way to victory.

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Michael Buble moves to CityVille for Xmas

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Michael Buble moves to CityVille for Xmas

This year, if some humbug tries to tell you that there's no such thing as a Christmas miracle, tell them they need look no further than Zynga's social city-building sim, CityVille. The developer announced today that one of Canada's crooners is making an in-game appearance this year.

Ladies and gentlemen of CityVille, meet your new virtual neighbor, Michael Bublé!

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"They had the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour by Cirque du Soleil"
- mountdreamer    See all 6 comments

Zynga IPO opens today, closes down 5 percent

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Zynga IPO opens today, closes down 5 percent

The initial public offering (IPO) for social game giant Zynga has finally been released into the wild--or in this case, the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock, which uses the symbol "ZNGA," was offered at $10 per share.

Initial performance for the stock, however, was not as popular as the company had hoped. It closed down 5 percent at $9.50. According to Dealogic, only five of 22 U.S. Internet IPOs have closed down on their first day of trading this year.

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"I'd say more that Zyngas brand of 'social gaming' is a bubble."
- PlayfulPuppy    See all 15 comments

Zynga releases ForestVille on iTunes

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Zynga releases ForestVille on iTunes

We recently reported that social game juggernaut Zynga (FarmVille, CityVille, YoVille) had registered a number of new web domains not too long ago, all of which contained some sort reference to the title "ForestVille."

Today, Zynga has released ForestVille for the iPhone and iPad.

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Report: Social game makers downsizing in 2012

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Report: Social game makers downsizing in 2012

According to at least one game provider, online social game companies should brace themselves for the necessities of downsizing in 2012. Rick Marazzani, head of content programming at Exent posits that the more social games are currently being developed than there is market-share to support them, which he believes will require many social game developers to consider both reducing staff size and creating fewer games.

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Report: Zynga registers domains for ForestVille

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Report: Zynga registers domains for ForestVille

You can never have too many 'Ville games, or at least that seems to be Zynga's strategy. Recently registered domain names suggest the social games giant is planning a new game, though details are notably scarce. Are you ready for ForestVille?

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Report: Zynga's aggressive corporate culture bleeds talent, risks company future

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Report: Zynga's aggressive corporate culture bleeds talent, risks company future

A report from The New York Times suggests that the same aggressive corporate culture that has been at the root developer Zynga's success could be a serious liability for its future.

Dozens of internal, companywide emails shared with the newspaper reveal frustrated workers have grown tired of Zynga's "long hours and stressful deadlines." One employee even admits plans to "cash out" and leave the company once Zynga's stock goes public, leading some to believe a mass exodus by employees with vested shares may follow the company's $1 billion IPO. Wall Street Journal reports Zynga management have demanded "a small minority" of certain employees surrender some of its unvested shares or be fired. The report notes that Zynga's chief executive Mark Puncic was known for "generously giving shares," rather than offer higher salaries to keep top talent within the company during its early days.

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"And you didn't even touch on what is probably the largest single segment of their employee base: ..."
- Professer12    See all 23 comments

Zynga building social network, announces CastleVille

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Zynga building social network, announces CastleVille

Zynga is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Yet, its entire business rests upon the whims of one company: Facebook. In a move that will likely give Zynga a bit more flexibility, the company has announced Zynga Direct, aka "Project Z," its own gaming-oriented social network.

It's "a platform for a direct relationship with consumers," according to Zynga CEO Mark Pincus.

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"Just because they are not relevant to you they are highly relevant. Mkt cap of $11b is hardly a ..."
- Moog69    See all 10 comments

Mafia Wars 2 launches on Facebook

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Mafia Wars 2 launches on Facebook

Mafia Wars 2 launched today on Facebook, marking the first sequel for successful social game developer Zynga. As another measure of just how wide the appeal for these games has grown, the game supports 16 languages, another first for the company. Whatever your opinion of them, Zynga games have grown to be the guilty pleasure of more than 232 million monthly active users.

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Farmville movie in consideration

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Farmville movie in consideration

Yet another video game property is apparently turning into a movie, and for once we won't have to worry about Hollywood screenwriters messing up the plot. Zynga's Farmville is being adapted to the big screen, and the project actually might get some big-name talent behind it.

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"dont forget that the story can progress ONLY if you bring a pre-determined number of ..."
- surferosh    See all 7 comments

Mafia Wars 2 announced

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Zynga has been working on a few family-friendly Facebook games recently, like Adventure World and Empires & Allies, but now the company has announced a sequel to one of its first, more adult-oriented, hits. Mafia Wars 2 is on the way, and details are scarce. So far all we have to go on is a brief story trailer, and a promise that following the game on Facebook will unlock "limited edition items."

Watch: The Mafia Wars 2 trailer »

" "details are scarce" as well as gameplay options. The newest trailer, introduces the nag more ..."
- Fletcherhea    See all 9 comments

Zynga announces Adventure World

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Zynga announces Adventure World

Zynga has announced another social game, this one built heavily on the tone of Indiana Jones. Titled "Adventure World," the game promises puzzles and a more traditional adventure game approach. The trailer teases bringing friends along with your adventuring, but doesn't specify how the social tools in this game will work.

Watch: Adventure World trailer »

"who cares? these browser games are the ruin of pc gaming, not consoles"
- Dagger Man    See all 4 comments

Words With Friends coming to Facebook

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Words With Friends coming to Facebook

Words With Friends, a Scrabble clone from Zynga, has destroyed countless friendships and relationships thanks to its wildly popular iOS and Android app. Countless more heartbreaks will undoubtedly ensue thanks to the upcoming release of a Facebook version of the game.

Like EA Games' Scrabble, Words With Friends will offer platform-agnostic multiplayer, across iOS, Android, and the web. No matter what device a player is on, you'll be able to go head to head.

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"Utopia needs a port to Facebook. I'd love to drop some raiders on some profiles."
- oc3lot    See all 6 comments

Zynga sued by Segan LLC

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Zynga sued by Segan LLC

Joining a list of unrelated lawsuits, including a copyright infringement battle with social developer Vostu and a dispute with Walker Digital over online tech for online game tournaments, Segan LLC has filed a claim against Zynga [PDF], alleging the social media dev is in violation of a 2006-issued patent for a system dubbed: "System for Viewing Content over a Network and Method Therefor."

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"Shit guys, lets patent the ability to use a website to send information to a database, that the ..."
- Zero Hoki    See all 7 comments

NBA Jam creator leaves EA, joins Zynga

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NBA Jam creator leaves EA, joins Zynga

NBA Jam creator Mark Turmell has left EA Sports and joined up with social game giant Zynga, reports Kotaku. Turmell has worked as a senior creative director for EA Sports since 2009. His impending position at Zynga is unannounced at this time. Turmell had been rumored to be working on a revival of NFL Blitz, which EA bought the rights to when Midway was liquidated.

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