Scramble With Friends launches on App Store

Here's a new way to ruin your relationships with friends. Zynga has just launched Scramble With Friends, a free app for Apple devices that combines Scramble--one of Zynga's earliest games--and the social functionality of its other "With Friends" games.

Like Words With Friends, Scramble has you playing with letters. You'll have to outscore your opponent by rearranging letters to form as many words as possible. And like Words With Friends, some of your friends are going to be jerks and just cheat their way to victory.

There are a few twists to an otherwise-straightforward game. There are multiple rounds which introduce new bonuses. There are also power-ups that players can stock up on before each round. You can freeze the clock, get "inspiration," and re-scramble letters.

As with most Zynga games, Scramble With Friends takes advantage of a free-to-play model. To play, you must use tokens which are replenished every twenty minutes. You can spend tokens for power-ups, and additional tokens can be purchased via the App Store.

You can download the app from iTunes here. Initial reviews have been quite positive so far, with Wolf boy 1000000000001 commenting: "Best game ever if u ddo t have words or hanging with friends then die and go to hell."