Zynga Platform publishing third-party games

Zynga is no longer content with dominating the gaming scene on Facebook. Today, the rapidly growing social game provider announced plans for the "Zynga Platform," a new publishing platform that will enable Zynga.com to host first-party and third-party games in an environment outside of Facebook.

"We built Zynga.com to give our players more ways to connect with each other and play great social games whether built by Zynga or other talented developers," CEO Mark Pincus said in the announcement.

The Zynga Platform will launch with five first-party games: CastleVille, Words With Friends, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles, and Zynga Poker. The Platform will also include games from third-parties, including Mob Science, Row Sham Bow, and Sava Transmedia. "Zynga Platform partners will have access to the 240 million monthly active users who currently play Zynga games by publishing and promoting them across the Zynga network," the announcement promises. Zynga will expand opportunities for third-parties later down the line, offering an API for interested parties.

While the Zynga Platform may be a way to reduce the company's dependence on Facebook, the company reiterated that the Platform will be "totally integrated with Facebook." The service will be "an extension of the companies' strong and collaborative partnership," but it will allow for players to log in even without a Facebook ID--a first for many Zynga-developed games.

The new Zynga.com will be available later this month.