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Shadow of the Colossus Film Writer Talks Adaptation

Justin Marks, the writer developing the film adaptation of Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus, recently discussed the process of tackling the project in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter blog Risky Biz.

"With a lot of games there are so many elements in the universe you spend your time tearing down and tearing down," said Marks. "What's nice about this game is that it's so sparse so you can start building right away." Read more »

"I don't blame you for giving up on it. I also don't blame anyone for not sitting through a whole ..."
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Verbinski Drops Pirates in Favor of BioShock Film

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Pirates of the Caribbean series director Gore Verbinski has decided not to helm the fourth franchise sequel, leaving his schedule open to take on the planned film adaptation of 2K Boston/Australia's BioShock.

"I had a fantastic time bringing 'Pirates' to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team," said Verbinski in a statement. "I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future." Read more »

"I liked 1 a whole hell of a lot, and was pretty entertained by 2. I found 3 to be a convoluted ..."
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Shadow of the Colossus Becoming Actual Movie

Sony and Team Ico's beloved PlayStation 2 adventure game Shadow of the Colossus is set to become an actual feature film, claim Variety and The Hollywood Report.

The film will be written by Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li scribe Justin Marks, with The Scorpion King and Dune remake producer Kevin Misher serving as producer. Read more »

"Ico as well? How come it should be played first? The stories don't tie in, do they?"
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An Early Glimpse of Zombie's Blacklight

America's Army and Saw: The Video Game developer Zombie Studios today unveiled its latest project, a cross-medium "military action franchise" known as Blacklight.

The game is a squad-based first-person shooter, with Zombie Studios co-CEO Mark Long telling Shacknews that it's set in a "science fact" future. Zombie has been self-funding the game for nine months, but is in active discussions with publishers. Read more »

"Just look at the games. Probably the most obvious reused asset are the detail textures. Just ..."
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50 Cent Options Saints Row Movie Rights

Rather than adapt his own THQ game into a film, 50 Cent is first looking to develop the publisher's Saints Row franchise into a movie.

The rapper announced that he was optioning the rights to create a Saints Row movie during a conference call earlier today.

Read more »

"word up dog. foshizzle. we be needin a saints row movie to show fools how we be representin. ya ..."
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Warner Preparing Another Tomb Raider Movie

It's been six years since the second Angelina Jolie-starring Tomb Raider flick hit theaters, and Warner Bros. wants to give the franchise another chance at the box office.

Details are scarce at the moment, but The Hollywood Reporter writes that the film "will reimagine the origins of the character, her love interest and the main villain" and "bear little resemblance to the [Paramount-produced] original pictures." Read more »

"I was Angelina to keep story alive! I mean, Meg Fox is hot, but I don't think she will portray ..."
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Gears of War Film Director Eyes Trilogy

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Director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld: Evolution) is planning to helm a triplet of films based on Epic's Gears of War shooter franchise, according to a new interview.

"The hope is that we're wanting to do three movies and really cover the bases on everything," said Wiseman to horror site Bloody-Disgusting. "Basically a harder edged Lord Of The Rings." Read more »

"Just because someone ran out of idea's and there is a wave of gaming/anime adaptation movies. If ..."
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Game Sales Overtake DVD, Blu-ray in 2008

Global video game sales in 2008 brought in more than global DVD and Blu-ray sales combined, according to worldwide marketing researcher Media Control GfK.

The worldwide video game market grew 20%, now at $32 billion, while Blu-ray and DVD sales were down 6%, bringing in $29 billion. In all, "retail sales of packaged home entertainment" were up 6% in 2008, to $61 billion, reports Video Business. Read more »

"I didn't realize movie studios were printing money. I was actually under the assumption they ..."
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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Movie Trailer Offers Glimpse of 2009 Oscar Contender

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The second live-action Street Fighter adaptation is headed to theaters next year, and while Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was shot in English, this Japanese trailer represents the first glimpse of near-finished footage.

Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak is helming the project, with Smallville veteran Kristin Kreuk filling in the titular role. The film also stars Neal McDonough as M. Bison, Chris Klein as Charlie, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, and Black Eyed Peas singer Taboo as Vega. Read more »

"I hope she wins by pushing the antagonist to either side of their fighting area and spamming the ..."
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The Simpsons, Futurama Writers Tapped for Machinima Series Pilots

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Following an investment of $3.85 million, Machinima.com has commissioned 15 writers to create game-based comedy shows for the online site.

The talent pool includes former writers of such shows as The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, and Coach. Coach!

Machinima.com will produce 15 pilots using the Hollywood talent, in the hope that some will be worth translating to "traditional platforms like broadcast and cable TV." Read more »

"No no no n00b. It's "If anything, I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought "Nah, forget ..."
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Pirates, BioShock Film Director Taking on Second Life

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Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski (pictured left) has signed on to direct a film based on a 2007 Wall Street Journal article that centers around a 53-year-old Second Life player, according to Variety.

The article focuses on Ric Hoogestraat, a married man that maintains a second wife inside the avatar-based MMO. In the game, Hoogestraat is a successful, musclebound businessman that runs a private club. In reality, he's a chain-smoking diabetic. You get the picture. Read more »

"This has the potential to either be mildly entertaining or completely retarded. I'm leaning ..."
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Max Payne Hits DVD, Blu-ray January 20

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The Mark Wahlberg-starring, John Moore-directed Max Payne feature film will arrive in DVD and Blu-ray form come January 20, High-Def Digest reports.

Released to theaters on October 17, the game-inspired flick was panned by reviewers, but topped the box office during its first weekend. Overall, the movie is said to have grossed $40 million in the domestic box office. Read more »

"Yeah it wasnt that bad - esp for a game movie. It could have been much worse."
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Report: Games to Outsell DVDs, CDs in 2008

Furthering the eternal struggle between games and other forms of entertainment, a new report from research firm Verdict predicts that the UK retail revenue from video game sales will surpass that of both CDs and DVDs during 2008.

But while the Entertainment Retailers Association admits that "the games sector is having a fantastic year," it told the BBC that Verdict's estimate is a bit off. Read more »

"Well, Actually I would think Piracy Takes a bigger chunk out of movie and music sales then it ..."
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PlayStation Network Gets Free Exclusive Short Films from Bruckheimer, Other Hollywood Talent

Mirroring Microsoft's efforts to bring original video programming to Xbox Live, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced Shoot!, a new PlayStation Network initiative that sees Hollywood filmmakers teamed with "emerging talent."

In addition to being produced by such Hollywood talent as Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Flashdance) and Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People), the shorts feature a number of well-known actors, such as Colin Salmon (Tomorrow Never Dies, 8.3 Minutes) and John Sessions (In The Name Of The Father, Dylan, Bitter). Read more »

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Universal Gets Movie Rights for EA's Dante's Inferno

Universal Pictures has won the bidding war for the rights to develop a movie adaptation of an unannounced Electronic Arts franchise, rumored to be a video game based off the famous Dante's Inferno poem.

It's the second deal in just as many weeks for EA and Universal, which recently partnered the Army of Two movie. Game creator Jonathan Knight and EA VP Patrick O'Brien will be closely involved in the adaptation, according to Variety. Read more »

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