Game Sales Overtake DVD, Blu-ray in 2008

Global video game sales in 2008 brought in more than global DVD and Blu-ray sales combined, according to worldwide marketing researcher Media Control GfK.

The worldwide video game market grew 20%, now at $32 billion, while Blu-ray and DVD sales were down 6%, bringing in $29 billion. In all, "retail sales of packaged home entertainment" were up 6% in 2008, to $61 billion, reports Video Business.

While GfK's figures did not include rental revenue, it is not known if they account for hardware sales. U.S. game sales were said to surpass DVD sales in 2007, so long as video game hardware was included and the sales of DVD playback hardware wasn't.

The Entertainment Retailers Association had previously estimated that UK game sales would surpass those of DVD in 2008, even with hardware taken out of the equation.