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Diablo 3 Wizard Class Video Released

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Accompanying Blizzard's announcement of the Wizard class and our hands-on impressions of Diablo 3 is about five minutes of gameplay footage, which shows off a Wizard and Barbarian working side-by-side to rid the world of evil.

The second half of the video follows below Read more »

"Maybe I've just been playing too much D2 with 40% Run/Walk boots and a few Run/Walk charms but ..."
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First Diablo 3 Hands-on Impressions: Hell Yeah

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Diablo III does look very different from Diablo II. It does. You notice when you're playing. Stylistically, graphically, much has changed.

But after a few seconds of playing, I was back in the same feverish loot-hording mode, locked into a clickfest of nostalgic proportions. Diablo III may look different, but it has the same tactile feel of the original games, the same satisfying feedback of swords and spells. Read more »

"lol. yeah, i had a friend who actually cought the items in the air!! i remember after every ..."
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New Diablo 3 Class Revealed: The Wizard

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Update: For more on the Wizard, check out our hands-on impressions of Diablo 3 and the complete Wizard talent tree, direct from the BlizzCon 2008 show floor.

Original Story: The Wizard is the latest addition to the character classes of Diablo 3, Shacknews has learned from the playable Diablo 3 demo at this year's BlizzCon. Read more »

"I think it is different which is nice but still maybe if they created a new barbarian like they ..."
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BlizzCon Eve: The Swag Bag, and Predictions

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BlizzCon has a Christmastime quality to it. 15,000 children--and child-like adults--have journeyed to Anaheim this year, passing through streets lined with lighted trees on their way in. When they arrive, the first thing they receive is a bag of gifts. And after finding out that Diablo III will be playable, excitement will undoubtedly rob many of their sleep.

Packed into this year's swag bag is a number of free Blizzard-related products. Two that caught my eye instantly are shown below: the official Diablo III stress ball--which turns red upon squeeze--and a simple film canister labeled, "Zerg Creep--DO NOT EAT." Read more »

"I don't think a dual spec system necessarily means it will be free to switch. "
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Diablo 3 Playable at BlizzCon

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Blizzard's action RPG sequel Diablo III will be playable for the first time on the show floor of the company's BlizzCon 08 convention, according to the event materials.

The official BlizzCon program lists "Diablo III" under "open gaming," along with upcoming Blizzard titles StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Check back for immediate impressions of the game as the show gets underway tomorrow morning. Read more »

"Fortunately from them they sold out tickets within 10 minutes of putting them up on-line. So I ..."
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Diablo 3 Screenshots Reveal the Scavenger

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While Blizzard has yet to tell gamers when they can expect Diablo 3 to be released, the studio has provided new screenshots and artwork from the PC action-RPG.

Along with the new media, Blizzard has unveiled the burrowing scavenger enemy. Its official description, pulled from the official site, follows: Read more »

"If you click on the picture down the bottom again after getting the black image, it will load ..."
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New Diablo 3 Screenshots Raid Dungeons

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Blizzard has released four new screenshots from Diablo III, its highly anticipated hack-and-slasher. There's lots of dungeon-crawling to be had in these shots.

Accompanying the screenshots are a few new pieces of concept art as well. The new PC RPG, which will anger lots of people, will be released when it's done.

Read more »

"the only reason to go on raids is to farm the boss, so raid = farm feel free to quote me for ..."
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Next Diablo 3 Class Will Anger Fans, Says Blizzard

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Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson has predicted that some fans will inevitably take exception to the next class his team will announce, while adding that the swapping of classes is necessary to establish the game's "identity."

"All the Barbarian players are delighted and all the Necromancers hate us. I understand, I don't begrudge them that," said Wilson to VideoGamer.com. "I would hate me too! But what I would say is that when we announce the next class, which is quite similar to a previous class, then all those players will hate us too." Read more »

"Here comes the Murloc class... Abilities ? Growl , Summon Murky , Spit , Chase , Run around ..."
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Diablo 3 Color Controversy Revisited, See Diablo 3 Desaturated in Action

Reigniting the "Diablo III is too colorful" controversy, DIII.Net and fan Sozou bring us a Diablo III gameplay trailer meant to show what Blizzard's anticipated PC RPG would look like, in motion, under a desaturated art style.

In Blizzard's previous judgments of darker fan renderings, Diablo III designer Jay Wilson stressed that desaturated color made it more difficult to identify on-screen objects and therefore reduced the ease of play. The author of the video below feels that he addresses these concerns while still giving the game a "darker" ambiance. Read more »

"lol.... I dont agree with how you feel about the criticism but thats a witty and funny comment :)"
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New Diablo 3 Screenshots Show Flying Combatants

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Blizzard has let loose four new screenshots from its hellish hack-and-slasher Diablo III. Included are a number of characters leaping through the air and hitting things.

The new PC RPG, boasting new-and-improved Battle.net functionality, is "heavily in development" and will see release when it's done.

Read more »

"Well, All blizzards games are based on frustated gods. For example, Sargeras was frustrated ..."
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Blizzard's Next-Gen Battle.net Detailed for StarCraft 2, Diablo 3

Battle.net--Blizzard's online matchmaking portal and community for games including the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo series--is getting some modern touch-ups in time for the releases of Diablo III and StarCraft II.

Fan site DIII.net has compiled a list of new features gleaned from statements from Blizzard higher-ups. Among the new expected features are: Read more »

"if sc had some wc3 functions like arranged teams and matchmaking thats half the reason to get ..."
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GC 2008: New Diablo 3 Screenshots Promote Equality

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A new set of Diablo 3 (PC) screenshots have emerged, showing male and female Barbarians and Witch Doctors in action.

Read more »

"I read that the Necro might make a cameo as an NPC; we shall see. You're spot on about the fact ..."
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New Diablo 3 Screenshots, Concept Art Emerge

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In the ever-lumbering march towards an eventual release date, Blizzard has released two new screenshots and three new pieces of concept art from its upcoming hack-and-slash sequel, Diablo III (PC).

No release date has yet been announced for the title. For everything we know of Diablo III so far, be sure to check out our exhaustive informational hootenanny.

Read more »

"didos? never heard of those before? yeah if i had the power ,money ,and knowledge to do so i ..."
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Blizzard Planning More Diablo Beyond Diablo 3

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Though Diablo III (PC) was only recently unveiled and has no release date at the moment, developer Blizzard already has "plans beyond" it for more Diablo titles, though it is remaining understandably quiet on the details.

"We're not saying [Diablo III] is the end of the Diablo universe, but we are trying to bring this storyline to a close," lead designer Jay Wilson explained to MTV Multiplayer. "It's not just Diablo III--we've got plans beyond." Read more »

"If there was ever a Diablo movie, Sean Connery would make a great Dekard Cain. Shay it ain't ..."
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Blizzard Responds to Diablo 3 Art Director Departure, New Art Lead 'Won't Impact the Game'

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Blizzard has confirmed to Shacknews that Diablo III (PC) art director Brian Morrisroe has left the company, but stressed that his replacement does not signal any profound changes for the hack-and-slash sequel's art style.

"Regarding Brian, he recently resigned to form a startup technology company (outside the game industry), which is why we've posted about the open position," a Blizzard representative told Shacknews in an email correspondence. Read more »

"Yes no doubt about that Stalker has some of the best acoustic atmospheric music i've ever heard ..."
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