Diablo 3 Screenshots Show Female Witch Doctor, Diablo 2 Patch 1.13 Due Today

Blizzard today continues its sex-based Diablo III media blasts with new screenshots and artwork showing off the PC action RPG's previously-revealed female Witch Doctor, hot on the heels of recent revelations of the female monk and male wizard.

Blizzard has yet to reveal when Diablo III will be released--stating only that it won't be this year--but does concede they have "always announced all of our games too early."


Meanwhile, the long-awaited Patch 1.13 for Diablo 2 is slated for release today. We'll get it to you as soon as we can, so you can enjoy its re-specs and other goodies.

Blizzard's other long-term project, StarCraft II, is currently in an expanding closed beta and nearing fruition, apparently still scheduled for release on PC in the first half of 2010.