Diablo 3 Female Monk Revealed

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 09, 2010 9:50am PST Blizzard has revealed the female form of Diablo 3's monk class and her fists of fury with concept art and a character render over on the PC action RPG's official website.

Left, all geared-up. Right, in need of a few thousand Baal runs.

Unlike its predecessors which pegged classes to one sex or the other, Diablo 3 will offer male and female forms of all character classes. Except the archivist, probably.

This reveal and the recent batch of new screenshots are a little cruel, considering all we know about Diablo 3's eventual release is that it won't be any time this year. Blizzard might know it announces its games too early but that certainly won't stop its teasing.

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