Rust makes 40% of Garry's Mod's lifetime income in first month (Update: Make it 55%)

Update - The numbers continue to grow for Rust. According to RPS, the Rust income is now at 55% of Garry's Mod's lifetime earnings.

Original Story - Owners of Garry Newman's popular Source Engine-powered physics sandbox, Garry's Mod, could have reasonably expected Newman's new venture, Rust, to have a modicum of success. But even Newman himself is shocked by the outrageous numbers that the new multiplayer survival game has done in the first month. According to Newman, Rust has already made 40% of Garry's Mod's lifetime income in only one short month.

"I did some rough maths this morning," Newman told GI.Biz. "In terms of profits, from sales and royalties, in a month Rust has made about 40 percent of what GMod has made in about nine years. We can't really believe it."

Garry's Mod has earned $22 million over a seven-year period. Meanwhile, Rust debuted on Steam Early Access on December 11, which makes these sales numbers particularly staggering.

Rust is all about survival, in which the player must overcome hunger, thirst, and cold, while protecting themselves from other players that are similarly trying to stay alive. Check out the trailer below to see how it works now, because it's pretty clear that this isn't the last we'll be hearing of Rust.