Garry's Mod has earned $22 million over seven years

Garry's Mod, the popular Source-engine-powered physics sandbox, has earned more than $22 million for creator Garry Newman and his team at Facepunch Studios, Newman told fans in a recent Q&A.

The mod continues growing, having just added Kinect-controlled characters in December.

"Hopefully, we’re gonna get the Linux version out," he said about future plans on his blog (via PC Gamer). "Then hopefully we'll move to SteamPipe, and I'll get the NextBot stuff hooked up. Then I want to do another Gamemode Contest. But I want to knock out a bunch of gamemode creating tutorials first to help people get their foot in the door."

If you haven't played with the latest version, you can grab v9.0.4 from the Shack file archive.