Garry's Mod adding Kinect-controlled characters

Source Engine sandbox Garry's Mod has an adorable wonkiness to it, with every toy and machinima made in it coming out looking, well, quite a bit creepy and wrong. This dis-ease will soon grow even greater, as a coming patch will introduce Kinect support to let players control characters' movements with their own bodies.

GMod creator Garry Newman detailed his experiments in a blog post, crowned with the glorious video you see below. Players with Kinect will step into the shoes of characters, horrifying expressions and all, to make them jump, dance, run, more creepily than ever before. To up the horror, when Kinect loses track of you, characters turn into simple ragdolls and flop to the ground.

It'll work with any Kinect plugged into a Windows PC, not just the special Windows Kinect, but not Mac. The update should launch this week or the next, Newman commented on Twitter.