Xbox One rebounds after DRM reversal, but PS4 still leads poll

Less than one week after E3, Microsoft announced that Xbox One would no longer place any restrictions on used games and would no longer require regular internet access. The reversal isn't particularly surprising, especially after the tremendous backlash the company received due to their policies.

We've been tracking interest in both next-gen consoles amongst GameFly fans, and it's clear that Microsoft's backpedaling has helped it win back some fans. Whereas last week only 18 percent of surveyed individuals were more interested in the One, the figure jumped to 27 percent this week.

Fans like Andre Smith point out that "X1 was always my go to. Only thing they needed to change was the offline playing of games." Kevin Dieudonne says that "Xbox games are better than PS4" and that "all Sony had was the DRM."

However, while Xbox One has rebounded a bit, the figures still heavily favor PlayStation 4. For some, the damage has already been done. Zachary Gearwar told us that he still plans on getting a PS4 because "Sony knew gamers never wanted any DRM restrictions from the beginning; Microsoft merely caved in fear of losing their customers." Others are still swayed by the price difference between the two consoles. "I can use the extra 100 bucks to buy a game," Jeff Gregoire told us, noting PS4's lower price point. Brigham Bush points to Microsoft's "restrictions on indie devs," adding "I also refuse to have a Kinect."

We'll let this poll simmer down for a bit, as we get closer to the holiday season. However, it's clear that Microsoft's decision to back away from its most onerous policies has paid off. There's still a long way to go before Xbox One can win public opinion, but at least the console war doesn't seem so one-sided anymore.