PS4 momentum grows after E3, survey shows

Interest in PS4 has continue to grow after Sony and Microsoft showed off their wares at E3 last week. Once again, we surveyed GameFly fans about their interest in the two next-gen consoles. We recorded responses before Microsoft's Xbox One reveal, after, and after the conclusion of E3.

While interest in PS4 increased following Xbox One's reveal, it appears that Microsoft lost significant ground during the trade show. Whereas about 38 percent of fans were more interested in Microsoft's new console at the beginning of the year, the figure currently stands at 18 percent. PlayStation 4 currently has 72.2 percent allegiance.

Obviously, with the poll surveying GameFly users, results may be skewed. (Note: Xbox One currently does not support rental games; GameFly is a game rental service.) However, other polls conducted by CVG, Amazon, and Gamespot show similar results.

Although PS4 has a $100 price advantage over Xbox One, it appears very few people were swayed by that difference. Instead, it appears Sony's more gamer-friendly policies have earned them sway. "I pick the one that lets me play used games," Wesley Metz said. "Love the Xbox, but hate DRM. Going with PlayStation this time, I guess. I'm not very happy about it," Mike Rew said.

However, although Microsoft may be performing poorly in the poll, Xbox still has ardent fans. "The TV functionality looks awesome and services on Xbox are far superior," Sean McMurran said. "PS fans can no longer say their Internet is free either." At E3, Sony stealthily made PlayStation Plus a requirement for online gaming on PS4. "Still going with the Xbox One! Loyal to Microsoft," Chris L said.

Some Microsoft fans are waiting for the publisher to rescind their policies before jumping into the next generation. "Neither. Xbox pissed me off and I don't like the PlayStation," Patrick Judge said. "Guess I'll play my 360 until Microsoft gets their head out of their butt and does a full retraction." Thankfully for Judge, there's quite a number of current-gen games coming later this year.

We'll update this survey again after Gamescom, where the two manufacturers will likely have more information to share.