Interest in PS4 rises after Xbox One reveal

Interest in PS4 has increased after last week's reveal of Microsoft's Xbox One. We surveyed GameFly fans on April 24th, when Microsoft first announced its next-gen plans. We surveyed those same fans following the Xbox One reveal to gauge any change in interest.

Last month, 47.7% of respondents said they were "most excited" about PS4, while 37.7% pledged allegiance to the "New Xbox." Those results were unsurprising, given that PS4 was already announced at that point.

However, following the Xbox One reveal, interest in Xbox One dropped by nine percentage points, to 28.5%. Interest in PS4, however, rose by six points, to 53.8%. The percentage interested in "neither" also rose by 3 points, to 17.7%.

The poor showing for Xbox One could be related to Microsoft's confusing position on used games. Karl F Backenstross Jr notes that he will be interested in "whatever plays used games without a fee." Do note that given GameFly's rental model, results may be skewed.

Even with many uncertainties surrounding Microsoft's support of used games, there are still many loyal to the Xbox brand, with Nick Schueren pointing out that the new Xbox has a Blu-ray player, and therefore has "no reason to get a new PlayStation."

We'll conduct this survey again following E3, when more details on both next-gen consoles are to be unveiled.