Weekend Confirmed 166 - Xbox One

By Ozzie Mejia, May 24, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata is a man on an island (a Hawaiian one, that is), which leaves host Garnett Lee to captain the S.S. Weekend Confirmed alone. He's joined this week by his hardened crew of "Indie" Jeff Mattas, the Escapist's Andrea Rene, and Double Jump's Christian Spicer. Their destination: The fabled isle of Xbox One. The team discusses Tuesday's reveal event, what we know about the new console, and dive into the pile of unknowns and what-if's. After discussing the hardware, features, and rumors, everyone discusses reader reaction and how the Xbox One will fare against stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo. The show ends with some non-Xbox related Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 166: 5/24/2013

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  • I have both a 360 and a PS3. And, frankly, I'm sure I'll eventually end up with both an Xbox One and a PS4. Eventually. The thing is, due to various online sales and impulse buys over the years, I've accumulated a huge catalog of (from what I've heard) great games sitting on my shelf and on my hard drives that I just haven't found the time to play. So, I've decided that I'm not going to buy either of the new consoles until I've cranked through all of the games I've already got.

    So, skipping ahead a year or two, I'll present a potential scenario. In order to play the PS4 exclusives and the Xbox One exclusives, I'll end up with both consoles in my living room. Also, because games just look better on PC, I bet I'll end up with some sort of Steam box there as well. As far as gaming is concerned, the Steam box will be my platform of choice, and my consoles will be accessory. Now, if Microsoft is to believed, there will be compelling reasons to watch TV through my Xbox One. Heck, the potential of fantasy integration into NFL viewing makes me want to join a fantasy football league, AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE FOOTBALL. If they do something similar for the NHL, they can have me forever. (Yes, I'm Canadian.)

    So, MY BIG QUESTION: why will I use my PS4 aside from playing its exclusive titles? I'll be gaming mostly on my Steam box, and watching TV and playing exclusives on my Xbox One.

    If you ask me, the PS4 needs /something/ that sets it apart. Either that, or it's gonna need a lot of DAMN FINE exclusive titles.

  • is it me or was Garnett negative Nancy. Andrea was the only one who spoke some sense along with Christian. People are taking this conference so out of hand its amazing. I'm going to try to do the best I can to break down what I saw from this Conference and how people are blowing it out of proportion

    Let me start by saying, I work in retail and the day of the conference I was at work. During that time frame I went on lunch so I could watch the conference in the break room. During that time frame, there were 2 ladies who were in their mid twenties, a thirty-five year old lady as well as a 19 year old gentleman in the break room. I had the conference on and every single one of them was blown away, now these people aren't "gamers" and they thought everything the console was shown doing to be amazing.

    With being a "gamer" myself, I thought the conference was fine, they were hitting their "Target" market in stride. I thought the features announced sounded pretty cool. If anyone here has watched the Bonus round this last week, i thought Alex was spot on, I want one device to control them all.

    Its somewhat funny, but the idea of having all of your games stored on the hard-drive and never having to put a disc is a god send. I own the limited editions of Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4 (Yep i'm a Halo fan) and as much as i love their big boxes, I hate having to go through them to get the disc out. Laugh all you want, but there are times where I just turn off my 360 because I don't feel like getting up and sorting through my games to only have to remove a sleeve and then pop open the case and then put in the disc. This having everything stored on the device is pure gold to me at least.

    Now the biggest issue I keep hearing from the interwebz is about Used Games. From all the hoopla being tossed around it seems that once the game is installed on the Xbox-One the disc basically becomes useless. I'm pretty sure through all of the interviews and PR statements they talked about used games still be relevant. It seems as if the Xbox-One checks for an internet connection once every 24 hours, I would take that as soon as you turn on the device it checks for a connection and requires it and then does it again in another 24 hours if the console is still running.

    Now this check up occurs for various reasons i'm sure, but it also probably checks for "DRM" purposes. Now stay with my here, but what if when you decide to trade in your game, you bring the game to a retailer and they have a device or even a Xbox-One where you sign into your account if you haven't done so already and delete the "Game" from your account, at that point it reactivates the disc and restricts you from playing that game on your Xbox-One unless you re-install the disc or pay full price for the disc (aka this is the way it works now without the mandatory installs). From all the hoopla i'm hearing this seems to be the way the system works which isn't any different from the way it is now.

    Now you have the conversation of people talking lending their games or borrowing games, If the Installs work like the 360 installs, then your game installs and game saves are two completely different things. So if you want to lend your game to your buddy, uninstall it from your Xbox-One and it reactivates it on the disc and your buddy can borrow it. The thing here is that the disc had a one time use if the game is installed on a device. So once the Xbox-One connections to the internet and checks that this one specific disc is tied to another Xbox, if you try to install it it's going to ask you to remove it from the other Xbox or pay for the game. So the simple solution is to remove the game from the Xbox-One and when the device does it's daily check up it'll know the game has been removed from the device and the disc becomes useful again/

    Solution solved?

    What Microsoft should do here is team up with Game-fly or start their own rental service through the Xbox-One. For $20-$40 a month rent 2-3 games for an unlimited amount of time like Gamefly now. For example, I rent 2 games for $25 for an unlimited amount of time and once I beat the game, i delete it from my device which reactivates my install from Game-Fly. It's exactly the way Game-Fly work now but done through Xbox-Live and without the hassle of waiting for the arrivals. For something like this, they would need mass servers but it's just an idea

  • I really enjoyed the segment on used games killing the industry. This is something I feel very strongly about ever since the rumors of used games being not allowed on next gen have been surfacing.
    I am 30 years old, have a good job and live comfortably. I STILL am very cautious about which games I purchase because gaming is such an expensive hobby. In all honesty, I absolutely love GameStop (and the local media trade-in store The Last Stop) because these stores allow me continue playing my favorite games without breaking the bank. I NEVER buy a game digitally if I can purchase it from a retail store. Why would I pay $60 to download a game, when I can jump in my car, get the physical copy of that game for the same price, and eventually sell it back and recoup up to 25 or 30 bucks? Until the digital downloads start making some strong cases to purchase them (like a significantly reduced price) I will always try to buy it in a store.

    Now this doesn't mean I don't support the industry that I love. I still almost always buy new. For example just from the second half of last year alone I purchased Borderlands II, COD, Dishonored, and Far Cry 3, brand new. BUT, having the ability to trade those in and get back about 80 bucks total, allowed me to purchase Bio Shock Infinite and Tomb Raider, which I purchased used because some time had passed since their release.

    To sum it up, my hobby is sustained by the used game market. I decided a while back that I will NOT purchase a system that does not allow used games to be played on it.

    Or... Microsoft and Sony can start selling new games for, say, $40 for a triple A title.... Yeah right, and the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl next year ;)


    P.S. Sorry for posting this on episode 165 originally, I wasn't paying attention...

  • I have to say, I felt a lot like like I did when I first read what was shown during the MS presentation while listening to the first part of this show. A bit amused, slightly interested, a lot of incredulity and mainly like not being the targeted audience at all.

    As a European and German specifically, the Xbone seems (so far) to be as far from interesting to me as possible. The whole TV stuff is null and void over here (few people in Germany have cable or satelite boxes, thus there is no TV HDMI input into the TV.). Kinect always on watching and listening ... Over the past 100 years there have been two German goverments that spend a lot of time spying on their people and silencing unwanted voices... And of course no games shown (at least no gameplay). Oh and infinite cloud power, sounds fancy!

    And then comes a WC that is a lot more positive than after sony's PS4 reveal (which btw I won't buy either). Where it is said that people who care about privacy are paranoid. In my opinion the claim that something bad might come out of a device that always watches people and listens to conversations and will always be connected to the internet with people being too lazy to turn it off, is far from rediculous. I'm not saying that MS will use it mainly as a surveillance device, but I doubt they'd say no if there was a way to gain money by gathering personal information and giving it to third parties. If companys are willing to pay for the data they sure as hell will do something with the data to earn money.

    And then all the praise for kinect2. From what I can tell, none of cast has used it, but still they are sure, that it'll work brilliantly. I don't know where that certainty comes from ... can't be from Kinect1. And I don't understand all the praise for Kinect voice commands. As far as I can tell, voice commands are 99% software. You could just as well use any microphone to give the voice command, the Kinect hardware has very little to do with it.

    And in the end claims that of course MS would rule the next generation because they have better software (games and services) and the bigger brand. Stuff like that sounds so very wrong when we have seen no games and the brand is weaker in Europe.

    I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the show, but to me it was a bit like listening to an alternate universe where you saw something different than I did, or just have very different priorities. I'm all for the wait and see approach (and won't buy any of the new systems at launch), but from what we've seen so far, I don't get how you can be more exited about the x1 than the ps4. Opinions huh

  • Just wanted to make a quick comment about the TV stuff that Garnett was talking about.

    The Wii U has a similar service with TVii. You can hook up all your streaming media and cable accounts to the Wii U and you can look up shows that you want to watch and it will tell you which services they are available on and if they cost anything (like Amazon). It's pretty cool.

    On another note, I don't really use it though since I don't really watch ANY television. My time is spent on watching youtube, reading flipboard, and playing games. I wasn't really into the X360 and now with the XB1, I'm even LESS interested.

    Great podcast! Great points from everyone. Keep up the great work! =)

  • I just listened to the section with Andrea's idea about not allowing used game sales for a certain period of time, similar to movies. I gotta say, I think it is a great idea. As a consumer, I would certainly be willing to abide by those rules if it helped out the developers and just allowed the industry to thrive in general. I am sure there are a ton of details that would have to be sorted out though. For example, one question that came to mind was, if I beat a game before a GameStop can begin selling it used, can I still sell it back to them, or would they have to refuse to even take it? As I mentioned, I constantly trade in games to fuel purchases for new or used games and having to just sit on a game for 2 months or so would not be ideal.

  • So here are the points I think are most relevant to this weeks discussion:

    1) That the XBox (this is how I will refer to it from now on) is the one that will most likely continue to the lead development platform. This was a huge advantage for XBox in this generation. It should not be as big an advantage this time around with such similar architecture in both systems, but I feel that is a very calculated move on the part of MS.

    2) The cloud computing thing obviously scares people. I understand why. I think that MS saw what a long life cycle the 360 had, and how much money they stand to make by the end of it, and thought how about we try to make this next thing last longer. Sure the tech is only to a point now where we may be able to offload certain computations and functions, but it a technology that will undoubtedly get better and as it does the abilities of the console will grow with it. Hopefully making this a box with a longer life cycle. I should say here that if you think Sony is thinking anything different after the acquisition of GaiKai you are nuts. Lets not forget that the expansion of servers for streaming was talked about at that conference as well.

    3) Garnetts statement about what he wanted. Basically a search and sort feature for all your entertainment apps and programming. This one would be amazing. I think that it may already be in there for the most part. What is the one phrase we didn't see used in the conference that was a huge push in the final stages of the 360? "Xbox Bing" , sure bing was on the screen when they showed internet explorer, but not in the fashion it was on the 360. I don't think the DVR will be there because MS wanted the integrated TV functionality and to do that they need deals with providers and you don't get those by taking money out of their pockets. The rest of it could be as easy as "Xbox Bing Friends the with the free porn" and it shows you local listing of when it will be on or where you can purchase it or stream it. That I think is a no brainer and I have a feeling it may already be there.

    Great show as always. Keep up the great work!

  • What's presumptuous is the re-affirmation that Xbox is gonna show games at E3. OBVIOUSLY they will. That's undermining the fact that Sony is ALSO going to show games on E3. "oh oh oh don't fret we're gonna see games at E3!" Well no shit. Will I also see basketball players at the NBA All Star game? The fact that the excuse is the EXISTENCE of the games at E3 rather than talk about the quality of the games that we'll see is SO TELLING.

    Also, how fat and lazy can anyone be to not bother moving a muscle to use a remote control? Are you kidding me, Microsoft?

    Is there any sane person here who would sit down to watch a movie and then would have the desire or urge to play a game? What the hell are these unnecessary, stupid features? Oh look you can Skype while watching a movie. REALLY? Who uses Skype here while the movie is playing? We pause the movie, then call someone. Is this how lazy Microsoft thinks Americans are? (Btw, I'm not American).

    It's basically a glorified remote controller. The only real neat feature is pulling up the "internet explorer" (YUCK) to find info while playing a game. That's it. All the other crap like "Instantly switch" between watching sports to driving a car in Forza to watching Star Trek to listening to wub-wub dubstep are just too stupid.

    Then we have the used game space, which I can't believe some people actually are for. If Microsoft+Gamestop have any control to the used game space, that would eliminate the free market "standard" of the prices. It'll be a freaking monopoly. Imagine you can't sell or buy games using private transactions (eBay, Kijiji). You're left with Gamestop. What's stopping them to offer you $5 for that used game? NOTHING. It's either their $5 or your game goes to the garbage bin since you can't sell it anywhere. They need to deactivate your license through their computers, you can't do it. Now that would also mean you can't buy used games elsewhere, so what's stopping them to charge you $50 for any used games?

    I read in a forum that X-Men Origins Wolverine The Game is selling for $29 digitally on Xbox Live. A game so low in demand it can't even sell itself out of the bargain bin in the free market is selling for $29 on Xbox Marketplace. MS can pretty much set any price floor or ceiling on games, these greedy bastards.

    Once we become "okay" with this system, it'll be game over. It's harder to get out of a system in place than to prevent one from materializing.

  • While Microsoft has definitely blundered in this announcement, I am hoping that they can bring it back to game at E3. But it's hard to get excited for either console, till we see what the exclusives are, as I'm going to play watchdogs on PC and pretty much any other game that isn't exclusive on the PC. I am however excited for the NFL stuff and would like to see how that pans out.

    As for the issues with Bandwidth in Canada I don't know what part of the country the person whose comment you read out is. But I'm with Shaw and as any caps as far as I can tell are soft caps. As my roommate and I are constantly downloading games on steam which are ~8GB's or so and haven't received any complaintes from our provider.

    So as far as I can tell both companies need some platform specific titles to really sell me on them.

  • I feel like I am the type of gamer that Microsoft is going after with their used game policy. I play between 20-30 games a year. I play most of the AAA releases, then fill my year out with the specific games that I am interested in. In 2012 I purchased one game new and it wasn't even an xbox title, it was Xenoblade Chronicles and I still own it because it is "rare". In general I am about 3-9 months behind everybody else in the games I am playing. The reason for this is that I wait until I can get the game I wanit on Craigslist or Ebay for about $20-30. I pick it up and burn through it and resell it for nearly the same cost. I spent about $100 on games in 2012.

    With that said I understand why Microsoft would want to take this away from me but what do they think the endgame is? That I am going to spend $1800 a year on games? Not going to happen, I'm also not going to opt for a console that I can only afford to play 5-6 games a year on. I'm not that type of gamer. If I play the latest Call of Duty I burn through the campaign and move on, it provides a week of entertainment if I am lucky.

    I don't really have the solution to this "problem", but I do know this, when games that I am extremely excited about are released I buy them day one. The games that have gotten me excited in the past are Enslaved, Dead Space 2, Prince of Persia(cell shaded), Alan Wake. If Microsoft creates games that push the boundaries of innovation then I will be there when it comes out. I'm not going to pay you for AAA blockbuster games that follow the same formula year over year.