SimCity update to fix pathing issues

SimCity has been the subject of plenty of criticism and scrutiny since its launch, due mostly to the little problem that many players couldn't access the game. As the servers start to catch up to player load, or vice-versa, Maxis is turning its attention towards what to patch next.

The bulk of the studio's focus is on alleviating pathing issues among the Sims and their vehicles, according to a blog post from lead designer Stone Librande. Maxis is currently tuning the values to make traffic flow easier, with a new weighted system that will reroute cars to alternate paths as roads hit fuller capacity. Emergency vehicles will also be smarter, moving into empty lanes to get around traffic jams.

Librande also mentioned that the game will be re-enabling some non-essential features that were turned off during launch week. Those include Regional Achievements on select servers, and Leaderboards on the test server. "We need your help testing the Leaderboards so I encourage you to go to the Test server so that we can expedite the timeframe in which this feature is brought back to the rest of our servers," he said.

Clearly missing was mention of an offline mode, which has been a major point of player feedback. Librande assured players that the studio is listening to all feedback, but didn't address that piece specifically. "We'll continue to provide you with updates on the game as we make these changes," he said. "We appreciate all of the feedback that you've been giving us and I want to assure you that we're listening. It's fascinating for us to see all of the different ways that players are testing our systems and we're excited about making SimCity better with your help."