Nintendo Power magazine being shuttered

Update: The magazine's closure has been confirmed by senior editor Chris Hoffman, who promises to make the last issues "memorable."

Yet another gaming magazine icon is biting the dust. According to a new report, Future Publishing is discontinuing Nintendo Power.

The magazine is one of the longest-running gaming magazines, having started in 1988. Nintendo originally produced and distributed the magazine until 2007, when it outsourced the magazine to Future Publishing (who also produce "official" magazines for Xbox and PlayStation).

A source speaking to Ars Technica says that Nintendo was "uninterested" in renewing their contract with Future, or partaking in digital initiatives that were "necessary for the long-term health of the brand." The source says that Nintendo is not interested in taking control over the magazine again.

Current staff are already moving to other Future properties, including GamesRadar and MacLife. According to the report, it's unclear how many more issues of the magazine are still planned and how current subscribers will be compensated.

Last year saw the death of GamePro, another long-running gaming magazine.