Battlefield 3 'Back to Karkand' DLC available in December

Battlefield 3's first expansion pack, Back to Karkand, will be available in December, developer DICE has announced. The DLC pack will include four maps from Battlefield 2, remade in the game's shiny new Frostbite 2 engine. Gulf of Oman, Shargi Peninsula, Strike at Karkand, and Wake Island will all be included in the bundle.


In addition, the expansion pack includes Conquest Assault, and new "assignments" to complete for unlocks.

A voucher for DLC access is included with all early copies of the game with the "Limited Edition" moniker printed on it. If you didn't pre-order, you'll be able to download the map pack for $14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points.

A specific date has yet to be announced, but a deal with Sony will mean PS3 owners get the content one week before everyone else.

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