Battlefield 3 sells five million units in first week, says internal EA estimates

Battlefield 3 has successfully deployed into five million homes worldwide in its first week, EA has announced. According to the publishing giant's "internal estimates," its sell-through of units to actual customers makes DICE's latest title "the fastest-selling game in EA's history."

In its second fiscal quarter results, EA estimated good fortunes for Battlefield 3 following "nearly" three million pre-orders for the shooter.

"Battlefield 3 fans executed 73M savior kills, 48M revives and destroyed 67M vehicles," a press release revealing the internal estimate noted.

Earlier today, DICE's general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson wrote a lengthy blog post thanking Battlefield 3 players for their support, as well as promising the development team at DICE is taking steps to correct some of the game's online-related issues.

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