Battlefield 3 fixes being deployed

It's no secret that Battlefield 3 isn't enjoying the smoothest deployment across its three platforms. With server issues since launch, the most played multiplayer mode, it seems, is actually attempting to connect to any online game modes.

In response to fan feedback, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson wrote a lengthy blog post to assure players that the developer is looking into the problems and are working hard to correct them, but not before thanking gamers for a DICE's "largest launch to date."


"Thank you all for turning out in record numbers at midnight launches across the globe. It's great to know you’re all as excited to play Battlefield 3 as we are," Magnus Troedsson wrote. "Even so, the overwhelming response has been as humbling as it is appreciated. Battlefield 3 is the fastest selling game in EA's history, but is not without its ups and downs."

Magnus Troedsson notes that "despite the fact that millions of people" are having no issues playing Battlefield 3 online at the moment, "some of you" are having difficulties. "The DICE team, as well as the many EA groups that support this historic launch, have all been working around the clock. We’ve deployed a number of server-side updates in our first week that have solved a number of the primary connectivity challenges, and have accelerated our rollout of the number of Hardcore servers."

In the post, Magnus Troedsson lists "five key issues" for the development team at DICE and how they plan on addressing those problems.

Quick Match functionality on the Xbox 360 has not been working due to a variety of issues, he writes, but a number of unspecified fixes are being released to fix it. Joining and remaining in squads is also "not yet working flawlessly," an issue Magnus Troedsson says is essential to the Battlefield experience and is related to the issues with Quick Match functionality.

Other issues include Origin authentication, which Magnus Troedsson says has been corrected; however, EA has increased customer support services "exponentially" in order to ensure a "smooth experience going forward."

Cheaters are also a major issue for the game--as evidenced by the growing number of YouTube videos showcasing online hacks and glitches. "Although cheating is a fact of life for many great games, we take great efforts to ensure Battlefield remains cheat free," he wrote. "We have updated Punkbuster and will continue to roll out [anti-cheat] fixes."

The game is also undergoing regular server maintenance to correct issues with the game's server structure. "Despite having some of the best engineers in game development, unpredictable problems occur. This requires server maintenance from time to time, some of it unplanned, and may result in you losing connection to a game you have in progress. These issues occur more frequently during the early stage of the game launch. But the outages have been limited and very short. The Battlefield 3 service is on track to be our best ever."

DICE wants all feedback to ensure Battlefield 3 plays as smoothly as possible. Gamers with comments or issues can contact DICE via EA's support site.