James Cameron says Avatar 'perfect' for an MMO

Avatar creator James Cameron feels the franchise is perfectly suited for an MMORPG, and thinks it could be used to flesh out the world and its unknown life forms. The filmmaker shared thoughts recently on how an MMO set on Pandora will work alongside the sequels, along with his push for 3D adoption.

"I think Avatar is a perfect IP for an MMO," Cameron told IGN. "It's a very, very big world and based on the first film, you might not sense that, but we're talking about an entire planet, an entire alter world, and in fact a universe that has other planetary bodies, as well, and other cultures, other life forms.

"Eventually people will see enough scope to be able to see how the MMO will work, but that's going to have to be launched... the timing of that is going to have to be carefully orchestrated with the release of the second and third film because we don't want to be giving away elements before the fact."

The first film also went a long way toward turning skeptics of 3D around, but that enthusiasm seems to have waned recently. Cameron seems unphased, and still believes 3D is the future. "I think all of these arguments about what should and should not be in 3D are going to go away because frankly we see in 3D. You're hardwired for 3D. All life on earth is hardwired for 3D, not just human beings." He predicts that in five years, we'll be "demanding" 3D throughout media. "If it's not [3D], it's going to feel like it's in black and white."

[Screenshot from Avatar: The Game.]