Ubisoft to remove online authentication requirement in From Dust on PC

Ubisoft has decided to completely remove all traces of online authentication in the PC version of its downloadable title From Dust.

The issues for From Dust began when a now deleted forum post on the publisher's official site noted that online authentication was only required one time, and players would be free to play the game offline at any time in the future. In reality, the game actually requires online authentication every time the game is loaded.

Though Shacknews contacted Ubisoft for a comment on this situation, the only response offered was a post on the game's official forum that cites the original DRM "misunderstanding" as the reason for the decision to remove From Dust's online authentication:

We recognize that one of our posts in the From Dust forum regarding the need for authentication in the game was not clear. We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. Our tech teams are working on a patch that should release in approximately two weeks that will eliminate the need for any online authentication. This development time is required as we are working to ensure that those who have already started the game, and who’s progress is currently saved on our servers, will receive and save their game information locally. Once the patch is ready, players who already have the game will automatically receive the update on their next login and subsequent game sessions will be 100% offline.

PC players get one win here; however, there are still a few things that have irked PC gamers the wrong way with the release of From Dust. The game is capped at 30fps and, according to some users, has many bugs.

Still, it's interesting to see the latest development in the Ubisoft DRM saga. Will the company ever learn that its consumers just want to keep it simple?

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]