Steam not listed among Battlefield 3 digital retailers

A round-up of digital retailers for Battlefield 3 (via Joystiq) curiously left Steam off of the guest list before being unceremoniously pulled from EA's Web site. This has caused a fresh controversy regarding whether the anticipated shooter will be available on Steam, but no announcement has been made.

EA's Origin exclusives have already caused some consternation among fans of Valve's digital sales portal, as Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced as an Origin-exclusive. The company previously stated that Origin would get an exclusive "limited edition" of Battlefield 3, but didn't imply that Steam wouldn't carry the standard version.

For its part, EA has claimed they want to give players choice in where they buy their products. "We want our products available to as many players as possible, which means we make them available in all the places that gamers go to download games and services," said general manager David DeMartini. "To be very clear, except under extremely special circumstances we offer our games to every major download service including Amazon, Gamestop, and Steam." Steam currently does not offer some EA games, notably Crysis 2, due to a conflict over DLC.

This could be a mix-up, of course, so we've inquired with EA. We'll report back with any new information.