Brink gets patches, lag investigation promised


Brink has only been on the market for a couple of days, but it's been inundated with players complaining of lag and other issues. Game director Paul Wedgwood has responded to the concerns in a new blog post, explaining that they're working to squash the bugs.

On the Xbox 360, Splash Damage has already issued one game update to address some issues from reviews. Mostly it deals with texture loading and multiplayer rubber banding, and fixes a freezing bug. The PlayStation 3 version also received a day-one update to fix the same issues, and you can get the update even though the PSN is still down. Wedgwood says they're "urgently investigating" lag on the Xbox 360, and will "closely monitor" player feedback on the PS3 once PSN returns.

The PC patch improves crash reports so the team can track and address problems faster, and it fixes an issue that could corrupt character data if you close the game during start-up. Players are reporting low frame rates with many ATI graphics cards, so Wedgwood also promises that the team is working on another PC patch, and keeping an eye on hardware compatibility issues.