Portal 2 unlocked early with potato power

The GLaDOS@Home strand of Portal 2's potato-obsessed ARG has been completed, resulting in Valve's puzzle-platformer sequel unlocking on Steam around ten hours early.

Portal 2 became available via Steam at around 9:30pm PST on April 18. It was originally slated to launch at 7am PST on April 19, so the hard work rebooting GlaDOS paid off in a small way. Of course, one should never have expected it to launch too soon, as retailers would be baying for blood if the dastardly young upstart digital distributor upstaged them too much.

Those who loyally collected all the potatoes hidden across the games in the ARG-driving Potato Sack indie games bundle have reportedly received the $80 Valve Complete Pack for free on Steam, along with Portal 2.

PC and Mac gamers, get thinking with Portals. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players, I'm afraid your lack of potatoes means you'll be stuck waiting until it officially launches on April 19--unless you already picked up a copy from one of the many retailers who broke the street date, that is.