Morning Discussion

Xav's away today and Brian is off at BlizzCon but we're all friends here, okay, so let's take today nice and slow, just see what happens, no pressure, until Blizzard unexpectedly announces Diablo 3 is on store shelves today and everyone there has (CD) keys under their chair or that Warcraft IV has become a Facebook game. Then we can get excited.

I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin as I'm going to a Twin Peaks marathon, where from 11:15am on Saturday till 6:40pm on Sunday I shall watch every episode of David Lynch's weird and brilliant TV series from the comfort of an arts centre floor while dressed as David Duchovny when he was dressed as a gentleman dressed as a lady dressed as a gentleman. If Monday's Morning Discussion is gibberish--more than usual, anyway--you'll know I had a fab time or my mind broke. Either way, it'll be great.

The official theme of today is run-on sentences while the official soundtrack is the bizarre/terrible/wonderful/astounding youth version of Devo, Dev2.0. Hey, here's what Devo has to say about the project. I say Whip It.

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