Morning Discussion

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the release of StarCraft II today feels somehow sudden. If you're looking to chat about Blizzard's real-time strategy sequel, we have a dedicated StarCraft II chat and discussion post for all your talky-talk needs.

While it's obvious what the launch will mean for Blizzard and Activision--buckets of cash--how will it affect smaller developers working in the RTS genre? Hazardous Software, developer of the astounding time-travelling RTS Achron, has produced a jolly interesting blog post touching upon similar issues.

"Every indie developer looking to succeed in the business of making games needs to reflect upon the question, 'why should people play my game instead of a big budget game?'" writes founder Chris Hazard. In the case of Achron, having unique time-travelling multiplayer means the game can excel in one area enough to not be injured by Blizzard's certain sales juggernaut but others might struggle to be noticed.

Built around the economic theory of the 'Pareto frontier,' Hazard's insight makes an for interesting read that certainly rings true for AAA titles of all genres as well as indies.

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