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Starhawk pre-order-only 'Limited Edition' unveiled

Starhawk's publisher Sony is rolling out a double-whammy of pre-order irritations for the's spirital successor to Warhawk. Not only is there a special 'Limited Edition,' only available by pre-ordering, with bonus in-game goodies, you can only get it from

E3 2011: Starhawk

Even in its early state, Starhawk shines with polish. Whether by foot, by car, by plane, or by mech, the game is immediately accessible, fun and satisfying.

Lightbox boss details more on 'Starhawk'

Lightbox Interactive is currently developing Starhawk, the space-based spiritual successor to Warhawk. Understanding that there were many unanswered questions, company boss Dylan Jobe took to the PS Blog to offer some answers.

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