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Risen 2: Dark Waters Unveiled

The sequel to Risen will be a piratical affair named Risen 2: Dark Waters, Deep Silver has revealed. The publisher confirmed during Gamescom last...

Risen Trailer Offers Developer Interview

With the the PC edition of Risen slated to arrive on October 2, publisher Deep Silver has released a rather video interview with key members of developer Piranha Bytes.

Risen Trailer: Pan Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

The beginning of this new trailer for Risen--the upcoming RPG from Gothic developer Piranha Bytes--is a bit formulaic. But eventually the camera stops lackadaisically drifting from side to side long enough to focus in on some action, albeit briefly.

Risen Trailer Sets the Mood, Demo Confirmed

Piranha Bytes, developer of the first three Gothic games, has released the first in-game footage from its next title, Risen. The trailer, viewable below, walks you through some of the gmae's environments and is apparently meant to set the mood for the act

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