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Dogfighting FPS Strike Vector blasts off next week

Next Tuesday will be special for me. I shan't be lounging around in a half-unbuttoned pair of jeans, sipping gin from a tin mug and pushing my cat away. No, I'll be zipping around derelict floating cities and industrial plants in a VTOL jetfighter, blowing the heck out of people who are also doing productive things with their lives, as that's when Strike Vector will launch.

Strike Vector flying by in early 2014

Remember how excited we all were to see dogfight 'em up Strike Vector in June? And by "we" I mean "me"; I was too distracted by VTOL fighters zipping through industrial skyscapes to care about your emotions. Developer Ragequit Corporation has now revealed that it'll arrive on PC in "early 2014," and put out a new gameplay trailer to remind us/me how splendid it looks.

Strike Vector trailer shows Quake 3-influenced dogfighting

Chasing VTOL fighters through futuristic industrial landscapes, ducking down tight tunnels, then lurking in hover mode to rain missiles as they rush past: these are things which make a new Strike Vector trailer incredibly exciting. What makes it even more impressive is that it represents only ten months of work from an indie team of four.

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