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F2P MMORPG Allods Online launches microtransaction-free subscription server

Whenever a new subscription-based MMORPG launches, one can't help but wonder when it'll go free-to-play, ditching subs and whacking in microtransactions. It's quite curious to see the reverse, but Allods Online is trying just that. The F2P MMORPG has launched an optional subscription service which lets players onto new servers free from microtransaction items and services, like it's 2005 all over again.

HOMM5 dev's MOBA Prime World in open beta

What do you get when the developer behind Heroes of Might & Magic V makes a Dote 'em up? Prime World, a Dota-y, LoL-ish action-RPG with persistent character development and a little bit of building and managing a castle. After a few open beta weekends, it's now in proper full-time open beta testing so you can see for yourself.

Silent Storm Gold blasts into GOG

In its mostly successful ongoing mission re-release forgotten classics, GOG has unearthed a highly destructive find. Nival's Silent Storm Gold is available now, letting you wreck and ruin destructible environments across World War II in turn-based tactical tomfoolery.

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