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Starhawk dev LightBox lays off 24, steps away from consoles

Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive has laid off 24 people as it prepares to move away from shiny big console games with a smaller, self-funded game for iOS. The PlayStation 3-exclusive spiritual successor to Warhawk received a lukewarm critical and commercial reception, and Sony has said it's no longer working with the Austin studio.

All Starhawk map pack DLC to be free

Online games are notorious for having an abundance of DLC. But Starhawk will not follow the rest of the industry. Instead, LightBox Interactive has promised that all future map packs for the game will be free.

Field Report: Starhawk

It's clear that Starhawk will live and die by its multiplayer. However, unlike its predecessor, Starhawk also offers a single-player campaign--one that players will not want to miss.

Starhawk trailer unlocks multiplayer DLC

As an online game, Starhawk is undoubtedly going to pack a ton of DLC. You can get a head start on your digital collection by checking out the latest trailer for the game.

Starhawk pre-order-only 'Limited Edition' unveiled

Starhawk's publisher Sony is rolling out a double-whammy of pre-order irritations for the's spirital successor to Warhawk. Not only is there a special 'Limited Edition,' only available by pre-ordering, with bonus in-game goodies, you can only get it from

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