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Microsoft brings Hover from Win 95 to HTML 5

My glee at discovering a free game on the Windows 95 CD quickly turned to disappointment when my video game critical faculties kicked in and I realised Hover was rubbish. 18 years later, I have this job, and Microsoft has revamped Hover as an HTML 5 game to show off its support for the standard. It is not that great.

StarCraft caster Day[9] designing browser-based 'hardcore RTS'

One of StarCraft II's most prolific professional commentators, Sean 'Day[9]' Plott is translating his deep understanding of Blizzard's seminal series into a brand new "hardcore RTS" as lead designer. It's a testbed game for new HTML 5-based browser gaming platform Artillery.

Unreal Engine 3 HTML 5 tech demo released

"The Unreal Engine running in a browser without any plugins, purely on HTML 5, WebGL and JavaScript? Pull the other one, lass, it's got bells on," says someone or other. "I bet you believe everything The Man tells you." No, curious character! It's real and everything! Why, you can see for yourself, as Epic has released a browser version of its UE3 tech demo Epic Citadel for us all to marvel at.

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