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The Binding of Isaac has sold two million

Pssh, who'd be interested about a boy who cries tears at manifestations of his abusive relationship with his zealously religious mother? Not Nintendo, certainly. But The Binding of Isaac has sold jolly nicely on PC, recently hitting two million sales according to Edmund McMillen. The co-creator has also spoken more about plans for its remake, Rebirth.

Binding of Isaac 'Rebirth' remake detailed

Indie developer Edmund McMillen has detailed the Binding of Isaac remake that he's working on for consoles, including his co-producer, some bonuses to tempt back existing players, and release target timing.

The Binding of Isaac sells 700K

Edmund McMillen says he didn't expect a game like Binding of Isaac to sell 700,000 units in its first year, as he rolls out another update to the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

The Binding of Isaac expansion released

There's surely no better place to spend your Memorial Day holiday than a dank basement, so slap down $3 for The Binding of Isaac's DLC expansion Wrath of the Lamb. Out today, it adds new chapters, enemies, room types, items, and a final (final) boss.

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