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Strike Suit Zero blasts from Kickstarter to PC in January

Another Kickstarted game is preparing to transition from the nebulous crowd-funding world of wishes and dreams to gleaming reality, as developer DoubleSix has announced its Strike Suit Zero will launch for PC on January 24, 2013. As for what that dream is, one word: robot-space-ship-mech-transforming-thingamajig.

All Zombies Must Die preview

Tons of zombies get served up in All Zombies Must Die by Doublesix. We get our hands on this spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn and provide some impressions.

Burn Zombie Burn sequel coming

Doublesix has announced a sequel to Burn Zombie Burn, titled All Zombies Must Die. It adds selectable characters and deeper weapon crafting elements, and it's due for PC and PS3 later this year.

Hello, Meet Lola