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Zineth dev brings back Bubsy to discover art in free game

In all the excitement of a new console generation, consumers have forgotten an important issue: are these next-gen entertainment systems or next-gen art systems? Zineth developer Arcane Kids has strode boldly into the art/games/art games/games art/art/art argument with an astonishing free game named Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective, which may cause you to rethink everything. Yes, Bubsy from the 1990s platformer series.

Zineth dev's first-person skate Perfect Stride nails first trailer

The folks behind the delightful open-world rollerskate Zineth, this year's IGF Student Showcase winner, have revealed their next game and it's every bit as gnarly. Perfect Stride takes loud and free rolling onto four wheels as a first-person skateboarder and oh my stars the first trailer is glorious.

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