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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows celebrating on PSP next week

Invited to a party! Ooh, how exciting! Your party frock is so pretty and you've brought such a thoughtful gift, but... why do half the guests have blank faces? And why are they eating people? There's no such party, of course, this is purely a lie I've told to introduce the news that publisher Xseed has confirmed horrifying PSP adventure sequel Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will hit PSP on January 15.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows chilling PSP this winter

Huzzah PSP owners, you're all invited to a party! Xseed Games is giving a reading from the Book of Shadows and bids you join it. Actually, that's a lie I told to introduce this story. In truth, Xseed has announced it's bringing anime-inspired horror-adventure sequel Corpse Party: Book of Shadows westwards this winter for PSP. No one wants to invite you to their party.

Corpse Party coming to PSP this fall

XSEED will be publishing the cult hit Japanese adventure game Corpse Party, bringing it to PSP (via PlayStation Network download) later this year.

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