We've massively overvalued GameStop's stock but they still value my Wii games at 50¢ a piece

Nonplused employee still insists on low-balling me.


As of writing this GameStop (GME) is valued at $325 , up ~1500% from a month ago but the valuation of my collection of classic Wii games by GameStop is now $0.50 down 50% from the previous month a sign of clear market manipulation.

Long term projections for GameStop remain dim as their brick and mortar focused business model becomes less and less relevant In an industry that is clearly focused on a future where online delivery is dominant. At the same time long term projections on games like "Super Mario Galaxy", "Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess"', and "Metroid Prime 3" remain a consistent kick ass.

Because of this clearly inconsistent position GameStop is risking a dangerous FTC investigation and a dangerous Yelp review. My overall stance on GameStop is a sell. And my stance on Wii games is a sell on Facebook market place.

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