Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 13 - Corsario Negro

Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 13 - Corsario Negro

The wax clown is still at it, wasting valuable money on the most inconvenient way to consume music. Yeah, baby.

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I return to you folk with more tales of my foolish expenditures. Why continue to spin the hamster wheel each week if not to earn enough scratch to waste on the most inconvenient way to consume music? I'm gonna share a few of my recent cops from online record purchasing (as I live in the heart of a southern swamp that is literally 195 miles from the nearest record emporium).

With all that out of the way, I present these to you, the curious reader. Don't forget to shower me in social media upvotes and hearts.  Additionally, please respond in the comments if you know of some hot new music I should be wasting money on. Daddy is sick and needs his medicine.

Los Natas ‎– Corsario Negro

2020 issue on black and neon green splatter wax via Argonauta Records

This is one of the holy grail albums of the early years of desert/stoner rock. Based out of Argentina, Los Natas managed to deliver a record that sounds just as otherworldly as it did when it first came out on CD in 2001. Thanks to the fine folks at Italian-based Argonauta records, Corsario Negro finally got a vinyl-specifc mastering and pressing that it deserved. The wild splatter disc looks cool and you get a full-size poster with a naked lady. This is a win any way you look at it.

Graveyard ‎– Hisingen Blues

2014 issue on white/green merge via Nuclear Blast

As a solid stoner rock act out of Sweden, it's probably no surprise that I got super into Graveyard about ten years ago. This is their second full-length record and is an easy recommendation for hard rock fans that prefer the chunkier 70s style.

Tommy Guerrero ‎– From The Soil To The Soul

2019 issue on 180g black wax via Be With Records

I had no idea that Tommy Guerrero existed until I purchased some LPs from Be With Records. I thought their selection was pretty interesting, so I started streaming albums from their recent catalog and landed on this jewel. From what I remember, Guerrero was a pro skater who decided to become a musician. Old Tommy has what we like to refer to as ‘the goods” — you can put this LP on for any occasion and you are guaranteed to have a chill time. I will be running down more Guerrero LPs in the near future.

Clutch ‎– Book Of Bad Decisions

2018 issue on coke bottle clear wax via Weathermaker Records

I showed off some Clutch last week and I have much more stored on my shelves. This is not exactly my favorite album from the boys, but Clutch is still Clutch and this thing is full of solid rock. The coke bottle clear LP looks good on the turntable and I’m a big time Clutch mark, so I’ll probably buy whatever they put out.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by for my livejournal and I hope to see you next time when I share more dumb shit that I shouldn't have bought!

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