The Surge: All Set and Armor Bonuses Revealed

Learn how to boost your attack power and other stats using set and armor bonuses in The Surge.


Although The Surge doesn't allow you to upgrade your character's attributes, you can gain bonuses by equipping every piece of armor in a set. All armor carries a defense rating that you can increase by upgrading that item. The game grants other bonuses to you by wearing a complete set.

This guide lists all armor sets and details the perks they bestow upon you.

Bloodied Proteus: Goliath Class

Although similar in appearance to regular Proteus Armor, Bloodied Proteus gear boasts a different color scheme—perfect for when you prefer the advantages of a Proteus set but are in need of a makeover. When you wear a full Bloodied Proteus Set, your health regenerates automatically and your healing implants receive a boost, restoring more HP when used. You can acquire armor pieces from this set in the game's fourth level, Research & Development.

Elite Hazard: Sentinel Class

Donning a full set of Elite Hazard armor outfits your drone with a poisonous gas that replaces the default attack of its Emergency Cooling Vent. You must find and equip the Emergency Cooling Vent module for your drone in order to take advantage of the Elite Hazard set bonus.

Liquidator: Operator Class

While not as high in defense overall as Goliath-class armor, the Liquidator raises your resistance to elemental damage when you wear every item in the set. To acquire bits and pieces from the Liquidator set, defeat enemies in and around toxic regions.

Lynx: Operator Class

When starting a new character in The Surge, you're able to choose between the Rhino and Lynx sets. If you favor nimble characters and quick attacks, choose the Lynx set, which raises your attack speed when you're at full health. If you chose the Rhino gear, you can still find Lynx armor pieces in the first two areas of The Surge.

MG Gorgon: Sentinel Class

"Sentinel Class" says it all: MG Gorgon armor is worn by security enemies and other guards found throughout The Surge. Security guards are some of the toughest opponents you'll face; on the bright side, they don't respawn after you kill them. Be cautious, though: enemies that don't respawn means fewer chances to harvest their armor. And you will want to harvest it, because wearing a full MG Gorgon set increases your stamina regeneration.

Proteus: Goliath Class

Not only does a full Proteus set grant you the higher defense inherent in Goliath-class armor, you'll regenerate five health every 10 seconds while you wear it, letting you conserve healing items. It's not much, but automatically restoring lost hit points can mean the difference between life and death when you're out of healing items and far away from the nearest medical bay.

Rhino: Goliath Class

When asked to choose between Lynx or Rhino armor at the beginning of The Surge, choose Rhino if you feel more comfortable strutting around in a thick shell at the cost of some mobility. Decking out your character in a full Rhino set increases attack damage with all weapons, making this set handy throughout your playthrough.

Scarab: Sentinel Class  

The Scarab is one of the most versatile armor sets in The Surge. Boasting nearly as much defense as any Goliath class, the Scarab set consumes less stamina as you spring and fight enemies. Wearing the full set enhances the potency of all Vital Boost implants. To find it, defeat enemies in Central Production B, the game's second level.

Now that you know about set bonuses, consult our full guide to The Surge to learn where to find armor materials.

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