Injustice 2: All Story Chapters Revealed

Find out how many chapters of absolute justice and absolute power await you in Injustice 2.


Injustice 2 is the hotly anticipated, one-on-one fighter and sequel to 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us by NetherRealm Studios. In addition to local and online multiplayer in the tradition of fighting games, Injustice 2's story mode puts you in the boots and spandex of some of DC's most iconic heroes.

If you're pressed for time and want an idea of how long finishing Injustice 2's story mode will take you, our guide spells out the chapter titles and number of chapters that make up the game's campaign.

Chapters in Story Mode

There are 15 story chapters in Injustice 2. Some, such as "Godfall" and "Absolute Power," cast you as specific heroes. Others let you choose between two heroes, or allow you to switch between characters. Being able to see the drama unfold from different perspectives should encourage you to replay Injustice 2's campaign multiple times.

All 15 story chapter titles follow, as do the heroes you will play as—or choose from—in each section.

Chapter Title




The Girl Who Laughs

Harley Quinn

The Brave and the Bold

Black Canary or Green Arrow


The Flash

Sea of Troubles

Green Lantern

Assault on Stryker's Island

Firestorm or Blue Beetle

Breaking and Entering

Catwoman or Cyborg

Goddess of War

Wonder Woman

Last Hope of Krypton


Three Kings

Black Adam and Aqua Man

The World's Finest

Superman and Batman

The Choice

Superman and Batman

Absolute Justice


Absolute Power


Bummed you didn't get a chance to play as your favorite hero (or villain) in Injustice 2's story mode? Plenty of other masked marauders are at your fingertips in other modes, including Brainiac and Darkseid.

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