The Surge: Is the Lynx or Rhino Exo-Rig Right For You?

Find out your playstyle, then pick the suit that fits you best.  


Jumping into a game of The Surge immediately starts you off with a decision. Which Exo-Rig do you want to start with? You obviously don't want to make the wrong decision and think about "what if" as you continue on, so this guide will help. The game doesn't do a great job of highlighting what separates the Lynx and Rhino Exo-Rigs, so we'll help with that too.

Which Exo-Rig is Best For You?

The first thing you should decide is how you want to play The Surge. Games in this genre focus on precise timing and spirited movement to beat back the waves of enemies thrown at you, so choosing the rig that matches how you play is critical.

When you enter Registration, you'll find the Lynx on the left and the Rhino on the right. The Lynx, as the name implies, is quick and agile, focusing on movement to avoid attacks and strike fast. It is lightly armored, which allows you to maintain your speed. 

Stamina is the key stat here, as the Lynx gives you extra. The suit will also require less stamina for such abilities as sprinting, jumping and dodging. When using the Lynx gear, the player has more Stamina to work with, and movements like dodging, sprinting, and jumping. So if you will be doing a lot of avoidance in combat, the Lynx is a great choice.

The Rhino, on the other hand, is designed like a tank to soak up damage. It is bulky looking and offers more health and armor. It does have less Stamina, but since you will likely be going toe-to-toe with enemies more, you won't need as much, and should still be fine in early combat. Blocking will be your friend, since running and dodging will cost more Stamina than the Lynx. But since you'll have more armor and can hit a bit harder, you'll me more likely to survive multiple enemies at once.

The biggest differences between the Lynx and the Rhino revolve around speed, health and stamina, although there aren't stats to list for comparison. So again, deciding how you will play is the crucial early decision to identify the rig that is best for you.

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