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The Surge: Everything You Need to Know About Implants and Slots

How to get the most of your Exo-Rig's implants 


in The Surge, it's all about taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. As you progress, the enemies get tougher, both in speed and the damage they do. To survive, your Exo-Rig will need to be upgraded via implants, which can make things considerably easier going forward. Here's what you need to know. 

What Implants Do

Thing of your basic RPG and using skill points to upgrade your character. That's the idea behind Implants, but unlike skill points, which are permanent upgrades to stats, Implants can be switched out at any time for a different one, providing you do it at the MedBay in the Ops Center.

There are a variety of Implants, ranging from the more personal increases to healing or hit points to defensive, such as seeing enemy health bars. You can also upgrade you HUD or increase the damage that your weapon doles out. Implants give you options to augment your style of play.

More Implant Slots Are a Good Thing

Your Exo-Rig will start with only one implant slot. It's a nice beginning, but not nearly enough to get your through the game, so you will need to find ways to increase the number of slots your suit can have.

The best way is through your Power Core. Here's how it works:

The Power Core is the way The Surge levels your character. The level of the Power Core level determines how much your Exo-rig can do, or in this case, how many implants you can install into the rig. Armor is also tied to Power Core level, given that better are takes more power to use it efficiently.

Whenever you have extra Tech Scrap, head to the MedBay to level your Power Core. It is in the first MedBay window. The Exo-Rig armor determines how may unlockable slots you have. Rhino gear, for example, can handle more Implants at any one time. You can find implants or take off the dead bodies of your enemies.

Implants are the only way to improve HP and Stamina. Leveling your Power Core does nothing for those numbers. But equipping an Implant that gives you more health will in turn allow that number to get better as the Power Core gets better. You can have several of the same type of Implants as long as you have the slots for them. So if boosting your HP is important, then fill all the Implant slots with those models.

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