Where to Find Armor Materials in The Surge

We show you how to acquire the materials needed to upgrade/build armor for your Exo-Rig


As you progress through The Surge, you’ll learn things such as how to build armor sets and how to get new Schematics, This guide will teach you how to get Components, which are needed to craft these Schematics.

The four armor pieces require different materials to be crafted:

Arms - Force Regulators

Legs - Pneumatic Helix

Head - Cortical Processor

Chest - Rig Armature

Each material has one of four Mark varieties (Mk I, II, III, and IV).

How to Farm Armor Materials

After you find Schematic for a new armor part, you must begin farming materials in order to craft them. The armor materials are acquired by chopping off different parts of an enemy’s body, which we show’d you how to do so here. The only difference is that you’ll be looking for the enemy to drop one of the four materials instead of schematics. Take the wrecked armor to the Gear Assembly and recycle it into materials.

We advise you to leave the first area and visit areas with higher-level enemies if you’re looking to farm some powerful armor. Warning: only go to farm materials in locations you are familiar with. Shacknews is not responsible for the death of your player.

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