The Surge Guide: Tips, Strategies, Walkthroughs, and More

Fight back against the CREO company's dystopia in our guide to Deck13 Interactive's The Surge.


With Dark Souls 3 bringing FromSoftware's critically acclaimed trilogy to a close, Deck13 Interactive has stepped in to fill the void with The Surge, an action-RPG set in a science fiction universe.

A third-person ARPG, The Surge centers on weighty, methodical combat. Every fight has consequences. Die, and you drop your tech scraps, which double as currency and experience points. Die again before you get back to them and they're gone for good—a direct corollary to bloodstains and souls that Dark Souls fans will recognize.

Despite its many similarities, The Surge is more than a Dark Souls clone. In combat, you can target armored body parts to loot defeated enemies for upgrade materials, or target exposed flesh to deal damage faster at the cost of not receiving upgrade parts once the fight is finished. Implants augment your character's abilities, raising your maximum life or causing your controller to vibrate when you draw near secrets.

Droves of weapons, dozens of armor types, a deep upgrade system, and a front-and-center narrative—The Surge brims with game mechanics and points of interests that will satisfy any Souls fan, as well as players new to action-RPGs that force them to invest more heavily in every step they take.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Slow and steady wins the race. The Surge imposes harsh penalties for recklessness and death. Follow these tips to avoid unnecessary risks while leveling up your character.

Target Body Parts. Clicking R3 (pressing down on the right thumb stick) locks you onto the closest enemy. Don't attack just yet, though. Flick the right stick in different directions to target your enemy's head, body, right or left arm, or right or left leg.

Targeting Armored Body Parts. Not all enemies wear full armor sets. Some enemies leave their head, body, or limbs exposed. Attacks against exposed body parts deal more damage. Attacking armored parts kills enemies more slowly, but raises the odds of the enemy dropping valuable upgrade materials upon dying. Target exposed parts when you want to gain experience quickly or don't want to risk drawing fights out for too long.

Attack with Combos. Unlike other action-RPGs, mashing attack buttons won't cause your character to flail around in The Surge. Press buttons repeatedly and in different combinations to perform combos that wear away at enemy life bars faster than single attacks. The trade-off is that some attacks in a combo chain cannot be interrupted, which leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

Rest at MedBays. Medbays are to The Surge what bonfires are to Dark Souls. Resting at a MedBay refills your healing items and life meter, but resurrects all enemies you've defeated.

Equip Implants to Enhance Abilities. While at a MedBay, you can equip implants that grant you new abilities or augment those at your disposal. Implants grant a range of benefits, from raising your maximum health and damage to triggering vibrations in your controller when you come close to finding a secret and revealing how much health your enemies possess. As you level up, you'll unlock more implant slots.

Swap Favorite Weapons. You can mark weapons as favorites and switch between them during gameplay. To mark a weapon, open your inventory, highlight a weapon, and press X on Xbox One or Square on PS4. A star appears over the weapon. During gameplay, pressing right on the d-pad swaps between favorited weapons. Be careful not to equip too many or enemies might catch you off-guard while you're fumbling for equipment.

The Surge: Guides

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