NBA Playgrounds - How to Unlock Online Mode

Online Mode is locked from the start of NBA Playgrounds, but we'll let you know how to access it.


Online mode is what most players will try and flock to once they get their hand on NBA Playgrounds, but this game mode is locked at the start of the game. This can be very frustrating to players that just want to hop online and ball out against their friends, so we’re going to show you the fastest way to unlock online mode so you can show the world your hooping skills.

Unlock Online Matches

The first thing you must do is have tournament mode available. In tournament mode you’ll just have to reach the third round, completing this will unlock online match mode. It only takes two consecutive wins in a tournament to reach the third round.

The first tournament is pretty easy, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat the first couple teams. Now that you can access online mode, take your talents to online matches and show everyone who’s the boss!

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